Cash Management

Account Analysis

Track account activity and balances in an easy to read format with this invaluable management tool.

ACH Processing

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Processing is an ideal way to safely, confidentially, and conveniently collect and disperse payments such as payroll, expense reimbursements, membership dues, school tuition, or church contributions.

CD Image Statements

Businesses with high check volumes can receive their images statements each month on a compact disk.  Benefits include:

  • Easier balancing with the ability to sort checks by check number, date, or amount
  • One CD can hold information for multiple accounts
  • CDs include both check and deposit slip images
  • A year-end CD, containing the entire years' activity, makes research and storage more efficient

Dynamic Transfer - Loan Sweep

Make the most of your funds with Dynamic Transfer accounts. Use the excess funds in your operating account to pay down your line of credit, or advance from your line of credit if your account falls short.

Lockbox Processing

Premier Banks Lockbox Processing is perfect for companies that receive many payments through the mail.  
Lockbox processing:

  • Accelerates check processing by getting the money into your account faster
  • Improves your cash flow as it reduces mail float
  • Eliminates risk associated with data entry errors

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