Our business checking accounts have been tailored to fit your exact needs.  Whether you are a large business with high monthly transaction volumes, or a small business with limited checking needs, we're sure you'll find the account type that will work best for you!

Also, for larger organizations who would like to offer an additional benefit to employees, click here to learn about our Premier Partner Benefits Plan.

Premier Basic Business Checking

Independent business owners benefit from no minimum balance or monthly maintenance fees. e-Statements are required making this account ideal for environmentally conscientious business owners.

Premier Simplified Business Checking

This account offers all of the essential banking services at reduced rates making it ideal for businesses with limited checking needs.

Premier Small Business Checking

Small to medium-sized businesses with lower monthly transaction volumes might consider this account, as the overall cost is lower.

Premier Regular Business Checking

This account is perfect for large businesses with high monthly transaction volumes as the per item charge is lower.

Definitions Used in Monthly Calculations 

Average Collected Balance

Usable balances from deposits that have been collected from your customer's bank. 

Reserve Requirement

Federal Regulations require that all banks hold a reserve equivalent of 10% of their total checking account collected balances in a non-interest bearing account.

Earnings Credit Balance

This is determined by subtracting the 10% reserve requirement from the average collected balance.  This balance is used to compute the earnings credit.

Earnings Credit Rate

Premier Bank, Premier Bank Rochester and Premier Bank Minnesota offer a non-cash earnings credit based on the company's average ledger balance to help offset service fees. The earnings credit rate is an internal bank rate that is reviewed regularly and may change monthly or at the bank's discretion.



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