Premier Debit MasterCard®

The Debit MasterCard® is an automated teller machine (ATM) card. ATMs are everywhere and give you a fast and convenient way to get cash in town, across the country and around the world. They also offer access to cash 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Debit MasterCard® also allows you to make deposits and withdrawals or transfer money from one account to another.

The Debit MasterCard® is a direct debit card that allows access to your savings and checking account(s) through an ATM, as your ATM card does. In addition, you can use the Debit MasterCard® to make purchases of goods and services at any merchant displaying the MasterCard® logo. The card is used in place of a check. Although merchants process Debit MasterCard® purchases as credit card transactions, the purchase amount is debited directly from your checking account at Premier Banks. (Purchases may not be posted against savings accounts.)

Here are some of the benefits of a Debit MasterCard®:

  • It can be used as a cash card at ATMs
  • Use it instead of a checkbook to make purchases wherever MasterCard® is accepted worldwide
  • It’s cash, not credit. Funds for purchases are drawn from your checking account as if they had written a paper check
  • It can be used anywhere you travel; you don’t have to worry about writing a check out-of-state, or out of the country
  • No more running out of checks, forgetting your checkbook, or needing multiple forms of ID
  • Each month you receive a detailed record of all Debit and Cash transactions on your account statement

Your Premier Bank Debit MasterCard® is earning you rewards every time you use it!

As a Premier Bank Rewards cardholder, you’re automatically eligible for our exciting Rewards Card Program. With Premier Bank rewards, you earn 1 point for every 2 dollars you spend* toward merchandise, travel, and more when you use your debit card to make purchases wherever MasterCard® is accepted. To enroll or to review the numerous reward options, log on to www.scorecardrewards.com.

*PIN transactions are not eligible for points

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